The project

What is the Sustdiet project about ?

The Sustdiet project aims to increase knowledge and awareness of the impact of diet on the environment among all relevant actors, not only athletes, but also coaches/trainers/instructors, service providers, and (sport) nutrition professionals.

Sustdiet project’s goals

  1. Enhancing the knowledge of professional and non-professional athletes and other sports professionals (coaches, trainers, fitness instructors, etc.) on sustainable food choices and their effect on the athlete’s health and sports performance and on the environment, so that they not only change their dietary habits but become role models and agents of change;
  2. Increasing awareness among athletes, sports professionals, and organizations on athletes’ dietary choices carbon footprint;
  3. Enhancing access to dietary guidelines and flexible educational tools for professional and non-professional athletes that are aligned with sustainability principles;
  4. Enhancing the knowledge and skills of sports nutrition professionals on the impact diets have on the environment and how they can assist athletes to shift to more sustainable diets.

How will we achieve our goals ?

To increase the awareness and knowledge of professional and non-professional athletes and other sports professionals about the impact of food on the environment, seven NGOs from Greece, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Malta, and Germany will collaborate on a 24-month project.
The phases of the project implementation are:


Sustainable diet is a significant topic when it comes to environmental impact. In many countries, there are national guidelines and policy recommendations on this subject. However, when we look at the sports world, we notice a real gap. The Sustdiet project aims to innovate by combining these two aspects and to propose solutions so that professional or non-professional athletes, as well as the professions related to this field, realize the impact that food can have on the environment and can gradually change their habits and why not serve as models for many others. To this end, this project will design and test national guidelines, combining sustainable food with the world of sports.